Pre-registrations have to be adressed to the Waldhort at any time.
Please make an appointment.
+49 160 702 54 74 or
+49 8092 696 22 87





Freier Waldhort Ebersberg

Karen Brummer

Sportparkstraße 5

D-85560 Ebersberg

mobile: +49 160 702 54 74
phone: +49 8092 696 22 87

Children need the forest – Ebersberg provides it

The approach of the Freier Waldhort Ebersberg e.V. – an independent after-school-club working outdoors and especially in the forest – gives children back the joy to frolic in nature after having an exhausting school day. Running 5 days a week including school vacations.LOGO

Because a forest means more than provider for lumber and a walk-at-the-weekend-zone.

And an after-school-club should be more than dealing with homework followed by supervised leisure time.

We put both together to make come out more for children - after school and during vacations.