Pre-registrations have to be adressed to the Waldhort at any time.
Please make an appointment.
+49 160 702 54 74 or
+49 8092 696 22 87





Freier Waldhort Ebersberg

Karen Brummer

Sportparkstraße 5

D-85560 Ebersberg

mobile: +49 160 702 54 74
phone: +49 8092 696 22 87

Location and transfer

Located at Anzinger Siedlung north of the lake Klostersee the club has rented a flat at Sportparkstrasse for the meals and homework and also for times of thunderstorms, when a stay in the forest is forbidden by authorities.

After having finished homework (resp. a maximum of one hour) the area around the Waldsportpark, the Museum of Nature and Forest and the look-out is our habitat.

At the end of the 5th and 6th lesson there is a schoolbus, after the 4th lesson a taxi service provides for the transport to the Waldhort. Children from Grafing use the respective schoolbus dropping them directly at the door of the Waldhort. Children coming from other schools as Montessori or Freie Schule Glonntal are carried as well by taxiservice.